Latest Works:

"Keep Calm and Finish Your Tea, Darling" 2017, 150cm x 100cm

"Drive" 2017, 70cm x 50cm

"First Snowfall" 2017, 150cm x 100cm

"First Snowfall" Detail

"Mesmerising Masai Mara 1" 2017, 100cm x 150 cm 

"Mesmerising Masai Mara 1" Detail

"Mesmerising Masai Mara 2" 2017, 100cm x 150cm

"Mesmerising Masai Mara 2" Detail

"Street Life 2017, 60cm x 50cm

"Street Life" Details

"`Mesmerising Masai Mara 3" 2017, 100cm x 150cm

"Transcultural" 2017, 100 x 150cm

"Transcultural" Details

"Frozen slices of time"

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